Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lightning Protection 1 (Bob, Week 3)

June 4, 2008

Here are my notes for this topic:

My Topic: Grounding continued, Lightning protection

3 or 4 types of Ground

1. DC Ground or Case Ground
2. RF Ground
3. Ground Plane for a Ground Plane Antenna
4. Lightning Protection Ground

Tonight I will be discussing lightning protection and grounding for that.

Just how common is it?

What happens in a thunderstorm?

Anatomy of a lightning strike.

How might I be affected?

How can I protect myself?
  • disconnect all equipment from all outside sources
  • put lightning protection on any outside source

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Bob Helling said...

Greg, W7GLE, emailed me with the comment. Thanks Greg for the info.

FYI you can link to a free read of the National Electrical Code (grounding info) and there is a link to the National Fire Protection Assoc (NFPA) that has info on lighting.

Here's where to start:

Click on the link down the page for 2005 NEC. Parts relevant are Section 250 and 810.

When you close out, there is a link on the page that says: Return to the List of Codes and Standards to select another document. This will link you to chapter headings for NFPA.

When you get to the NFPA you want Section 780.