Saturday, June 7, 2008

CQ - Avoiding Interference (Bob, Week 1)

May 21, 2008

Here are my notes for this topic:

My Topic:
For my topic I have chosen a question from the General exam question pool. You can get the question pools online from the National Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators web site. That is

G2B12 (A)
What is a practical way to avoid harmful interference when selecting a frequency to call CQ using phone?
A. Ask if the frequency is in use, say your callsign, and listen for a response
B. Keep your CQ to less than 2 minutes in length to avoid interference to contacts
that may be in progress
C. Listen for 2 minutes before calling CQ to avoid interference to contacts that may
be in progress
D. Call CQ at low power first and if there is no indication of interference, increase
power as necessary

Why is A the correct answer?

What are some of the situations where the frequency could be in use but you wouldn’t know it?
1. Two people are talking to each other but you can only hear one side and the side you can’t hear is talking.
2. There is a net and you can’t hear most of the people but one or more can hear you.

So, why ask instead of waiting and listening and then calling CQ.
What is wrong with starting at low power?
What is wrong with a short CQ?

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