Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Future of the Educational Radio Net

Lee and I are considering ending our involvement with the Educational Radio Net.  If we do, it will very likely end the net itself.

This has been a labor of love for the two of us.   It is a fair amount of work to come up with new subjects each week, research them and write the scripts for them.  Getting on the air and doing the net is the payoff.  What has kept us going has been the interest and participation of the hams checking in to the net.  Lately that interest has fallen off somewhat.  We both agree that we do not wish to continue as it is going now.

We are soliciting ideas, suggestions, questions, etc. to assist us with creating future nets.  We are also looking to add to our base of regular contributors.

To give your suggestions, please contact Lee Bond: n7kc@comcast.net

We are very grateful for the contributions from those listed below.  They have helped sustain the net.
John Pollock, K7MCX
Jim Hadlock, K7WA
Brian Daly, WB7OML
Curt Black, WR5J
Boone Barker, KC7RK

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